UI/UX Mockups For NFT Protocol's Upcoming NFT DEX

Blockparty’s development team this week continues to progress towards the alpha launch of NFT Protocol’s decentralized exchange (DEX) for NFTs.

NFT DEX Swap Feature Twitter Poll

We asked our Twitter followers and community Telegram group this week to vote in a Twitter poll and tell us which NFT DEX swap feature they’re likely to find most desirable and useful. At the time this publication went out, 46% voted ERC 721 <-> ETH, 33% voted ERC 721 <-> ERC 20, and 24% voted ERC 721 <-> ERC 721. A couple folks commented in the thread below and mentioned a feature whereby an ERC 721 could be bundled with ETH, an ERC 20 or another ERC 721 and exchanged for another ERC 721. We agree that this function would be incredibly useful and intend to build it into the DEX in the future. The ability to collateralize an ERC 721 for various purposes such as liquidity and loans is also another lucrative function that was brought forward. If you haven’t yet, please vote in the Twitter poll and comment with any additional ideas or comments you might have!


The working version of the NFT DEX UI/UX currently looks like this:

ERC 721 <-> ERC 721

ERC 721 <-> ERC 20

An external designer we’ve been working with has also come up with these mockups of what the UI/UX might look like:

ERC 721 <-> ERC 721

ERC 721 <-> ERC 20

We’d love to receive any and all feedback on these UI/UX mockups. Please either leave a comment below, jump into our Telegram group, or find us on Twitter. We’re really looking forward to getting this NFT DEX into your hands!

- The NFT Protocol Team

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