NFT DEX UI/UX Design Challenge

Submit a UI/UX design for a chance at winning 5000 $NFT!

The NFT DEX UI/UX mockups we published this week seem to have been received well by the NFT community. We were given some great feedback on what people liked about the mockups and what might be done differently.

One idea that was brought forth was for us to host a UI/UX design challenge and we found that to be an excellent idea!

We cannot guarantee that we will use any of your submissions, but we’d love to see what the community comes up with and are open to incorporating a design submission from the community that really captures our attention.

NFT DEX UI/UX Design Challenge:

  • Submissions must include all of the features our NFT DEX requires as shown in our mockups.

  • We plan to integrate a bundling feature into the DEX to allow NFTs to be bundled together with other NFTs, ETH, or ERC20s to allow for more versatile swaps. Feel free to be creative and show us what you think this feature might look like in your submission.

  • Submissions should take the form of a governance proposal containing a link to your design uploaded to the web somewhere - yes, this means you’ll need to own at least 100 $NFT tokens which you can acquire on Uniswap.

  • Submissions are due by February 5, 2021 @ 5pm EST.

  • If the NFT Protocol team decides to use all or a significant portion of your design you will be rewarded with 5000 $NFT tokens!

Good luck and show us what you’ve got!

~The NFT Protocol Team