NFT.ORG DEX - ERC 721 to ERC 721 Swap Demo

March 2021 Development Update

The NFT Protocol development team at the tail end of February successfully resolved some issues they’d been facing in the development of the NFT swap and sales smart contracts for the NFT.ORG DEX.

Both the ERC 721 <-> ERC 721 and ERC 721 <-> ERC 20 swap contracts are now fully functional within the development environment (i.e., Ethereum testnet) and we are excited to share with you this short video of developer John Storey demonstrating the functionality of the ERC 721 <-> ERC 721 swap contract within his development environment.

Roadmap Towards the Beta Launch

With the swap smart contracts now fully functional within the development environment, the path towards the NFT.ORG DEX beta launch has become more clear.

Over the course of this first week of March the development team will be focusing on interfacing the smart contracts with the UI we’ve previously shared with you as seen below.

We are aiming to have the smart contracts interfaced with the UI by the second week of March. At that point we will be inviting a small group of community members into a private testing session to help us uncover any possible bugs that need to be addressed prior to launch.

Throughout the private testing session the development team will continue to work on building listing indexing and a cancel listing function which at this point will be the two final features we feel are important to implement before beta launching the DEX.

It’s important to note that, because we feel it is prudent to make a minimally viable product available to the public as soon as possible, the initial beta launch will commence a prolonged and iterative beta phase of product development and refinement in which features and upgrades will be built, tested and deployed incrementally.

In order to expedite our product’s time to market, it is possible that we will launch the DEX prior to our smart contracts having completed a successful third-party audit and, if so, users will be advised to use the DEX with caution and at their own discretion until an audit is completed. Completing an audit, however, will most certainly be a top priority for us after the initial launch.

It’s been a long time coming to this point, but alas it seems there is clearly a light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t thank you all enough for hanging in there and supporting us throughout the development process and we are very excited to get the NFT.ORG DEX into your hands very soon!

~The NFT Protocol Team