$NFT Staking Contract Withdrawal Required for Participation in Forthcoming Governance Proposals

As we continue to progress towards and prepare for the beta launch of our NFT DEX, there are several governance proposals that we need to publish. As per our current Snapshot governance strategy, $NFT tokens deposited into the staking contract at the time we publish these proposals will not be represented in account balances and eligible for participation in the governance proposals.

It is thus imperative if you still have $NFT tokens deposited into the staking contract that you withdraw your $NFT tokens AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you want to participate in these governance proposals that we would like to publish by the end of the week.

If your tokens deposited to the staking contract have not yet reached their 90 day maturity and yielded their maximum 10% reward, you may opt to keep them ineligible for governance proposals and in the staking contract until they’ve matured for a full 90 days and yielded the maximum reward of 10%.

Please refer to last week’s newsletter for more information on how to assess the maturity of your staked $NFT tokens.

~The NFT Protocol Team