NFT Protocol Governance Forum Is Live!

The NFT Protocol Governance Forum is now live and open for registration at!

With the NFT Protocol DEX deployed both on Ethereum mainnet and an additional Ethereum “layer 2” for testing and refinement in preparation for its imminent audit and public launch, it is imperative that the NFT Protocol community begin to more clearly establish its governance model for the times ahead.

After its DEX launches NFT Protocol will officially be in the wild and increasingly open to contributors taking interest in building upon the protocol and dependent upon $NFT token holders approving those contributions and other proposals affecting the protocol.

The NFT Protocol governance model has been loosely modeled after Uniswap’s governance model and can be found at the forum here, though meta-governance discussion is encouraged in order to further refine the model such that it is optimally applicable to the unique circumstances of NFT Protocol.

$NFT token holders or anyone interested in following or becoming involved in NFT Protocol governance, please register for the forum! We’ll see you there!

~NFT Protocol